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, updated 1 year ago

Really I rate this as a 0 zero. Now the reason for this is that I have received this letter on my doorstep today and I have read this letter and it was all a pack of lies. You of all people stopped my ESA Benefit Claim for absolute no reason at all. My learning is so severe, I am not working at all and it won't happen. I have severe disabilities and I need severe help. My vision is so severe that on the 27th of July I made the whole kitchen on fire so I've got no kitchen because I was afraid to cook. I got knocked over by a lorry because of my severe bad vision and I almost died but now I'm in hospital with all my family, friends, my support worker and my social worker around me. I need help I really need severe support and help I cannot take this anymore. I cannot go out at all on my own because it is far too dangerous, risky and scary for me so I went with my supervisor and the support worker team. I cann speak to the GP on the phone on my own and I cannot get there on my own I need help with this because I don't know what to do or to say to them. I am not communicating with anyone at all I need severe help with that. I can't cook, I can't wash, I can't go out, I can't work I can't do absolutely nothing. I get a lot of help with everything I can never ever do none of this on my own. I always get into a lot of trouble, I do a lot of wrong things on my own so I need help. I am struggling severely and I cannot cope anymore it's far too much for me to handle on my own I can't do it. I've got no kitchen because I burnt it down and you of all spiteful, wicked people had the audacity to stop my ESA Claim so now I am left with nothing and I am struggling severely to pay out all these bills and if I do not pay them I'm in severe serious trouble and it will be no thanks to you people. I'm already in severe trouble as it is and I've got police on my door for refusing to pay the bills because I am not working. You of all people don't seem to care, lack of help, evil, wicked and so unfair and never even have the guts but to give me another chance. I am now going to put in a severe complaint about you people and I am going to make the complaint even more serious because what you people do is life threatening, dangerous writing a load of lies and unsafe. I will get to the bottom of this seriously by putting you people on central news for the whole world to know. I will also make you people go on newspapers also because I can't trust neither of you. And if I do not get back my claim, I will then also make the matters even more severe by taken you people to court and you will all lose your jobs. What an evil, spiteful, unfair, wicked, dirty, disgusting horrible people.


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