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Dear Mr. Ged Perry, You know this is very wrong to deny me jobseekers allowance. I am 62 going on 63. We wonder why this government had denied us our pension, Who would employ us old women. Yes we are fighting against ageism. You may deny it but we know this is true. I live in an area where there are not many jobs. How can I be responsible for working for a company who will only allow you to work for 16 hours at the NMW.The government say they have created jobs. Ha ha they are all low-paid jobs, c*** jobs, we may as well be in servitude. Yet the government can rescue holiday makers who have been let down by a busted airline. Why should tax-payers bail these people out. If they can afford a holiday, then they should be able to afford to fly home. All this money should be put into our services, NHS, libraries, child care and community projects. I am very lucky that I have savings and can manage. What about families with kids who are just basically broke. We should be helping them. Not bailing out airlines and fliers that cause pollution to our environment. We were told by successive governments we should save, save and be independent. Yet by doing this we are penalised by the system. Tomorrow I could go out and buy a £50,000 car, but I won't because I have a social conscience. I know this is in no way your fault, you are just a employee of this upside down policy. I just have one more thing to add, RESTORE OUR PENSION. We have paid our dues to the success of this country and we should be rewarded with our pension, this is not a benefit, but a right. Goodnight Mr. Perry, I hope you have a conscience too


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